Where are we going?

Yes, it’s true – we’re planning to relocate. Where, you ask? Jeollanamdo province, Korea, we say. Oh, you answer. But that doesn’t help a bit! No, no it doesn’t.

So: Jeollanam-do province is on the southwestern coast of the Korean peninsula. The wikipedia entry is here. It’s the purple part in the image on the right. (The green dot is the city of Gwang-ju, which is its own autonomous province.) Jeollanamdo is primarily an agricultural region, dotted with islands, mountains, and forests.

We don’t know where in the province we’ll be yet – that’s part of the fun. The EPIK program, which places foreign teachers in all Korean public schools, won’t have a definite list of openings till the new year.

Getting Ready for the big event!

Mike and I have enjoyed traveling together since we met.  Each time we go away we miss Minneapolis and its rock star status, but wonder what it would be like to live somewhere else.

Back in Montreal we started discussing ways that we could live abroad.  Over time,  teaching English in Korea came up time after time.  The more we talked about it, the more we researched it as a possibility, until one day he said “Why not?” So here we go.

We have a contract for teaching in Jeallomando Province in southwestern Korea.  We like that it is not too big, like Seoul, and not too small.  It has oceans, mountains, plains, and almost 2,000 islands.  We will still enjoy 4 seasons, but a much warmer climate than MN.  Winters have an average low of only 35 F.

Remi and the kittens are coming with us.  It is our understanding that pets aren’t as common, but are welcome in South Korea.  We’ve been following a expat couple who adopted a dog in Korea and bring it back and forth to Canada when they go on vacation.  Our travel guide indicates that they just need proof of their current vaccinations.

In this blog we will post websites that we find useful in getting ready to go, what we are doing to get ready, and what we are excited about.  We hope to be able to use this as a tool to reflect on what we have done and what we would have done differently.