Status Update!

More news is better news.  Things are in motion. We heard back from Canadian Connection, our placement agency, again.  We will be leaving for Korea on tax day (April 15, for you non-filers) +/- a day.

Our house is on the rental market and we’ve had two showings this week already. The cars are on the for-sale market and I hope they will sell soon. We’re also trying to move a few other items, like the pool table (8 foot bar-size), and a small hand/stand mixer. Also, we need a plant-sitter.

The animals are going in for their appointment next week and are being as cute as ever. Remi already knows more Korean than we do!

We should know more details about placement (that is, which city we’ll be living in) in the next few weeks. Until then, we’re going to be busy cleaning the house, boxing things up, and having as much social contact with our soon to be distant friends.

One thought on “Status Update!

  1. This is where you are going! I will add this to the writers blog so everyone has a chance to say thier goodbyes…will you be there for a year?

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