Preparations are underway!

We heard from Canadian Connections that our contracts should arrive in the mail next week, they have our placements. We wish we knew more, but knowing that they have an apartment and jobs for us comforts me. I (Akasha) woke up asking myself what we would do if it didn’t pan out…
The house is rented out to a family, we have begun packing in earnest and the storage containers arrive next week, the cars have been sold as has much of our furniture. The animals have had extra doses of vaccines (and yet no autism) and we think we have a grasp on how they will travel. We have been learning Hangul mar (the Korean language) and we can read and write simple words and phrases. I have even made some Korean friends living in Roseville, one is moving back to Korea in two weeks and we hope to meet up again in Korea!
I am super excited!

One thought on “Preparations are underway!

  1. LOL.. make sure the get the schedule for the KTX from Gwangju to Seoul. Gwangju is nice, but if you’re really used to “Rock-star Minneapolis?” (as you mentioned in a previous post) You’re gonna want to spend some time in Seoul….

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