Korean gym equipment

I totally thought that our next entry would be about our home, but I am so amazed by Korean exercise that I have to post about it today.

Our first morning walking during orientation, Mike and I discovered a mountain path.  As we climbed we heard a man making loud grunting/screaming sounds.  We kept walking  anyways.

As we reached the plateau we saw the guy doing tai kwon do moves and making the grunting noises.  We also saw tons of exercise equipment.  We passed him, continued hiking and saw several more plateaus with exercise equipment and cool resting pagodas.  When I would try to use unfamiliar equipment, people would come up and demonstrate how to use it.  Each time that we left people would  say good-bye and wave.  So cool.

Now that we are living in Mokpo we see these outdoor gyms everywhere.  In apartment plazas, on parkways, on Yuldul Mountain.  They are so very cool.

There are fun areas to relax along the mountain paths.  Sure, they have benches.  They also have cafes that sell ice cream, snacks, beer, and soju.  They have gondola rides if you want to go up the mountain, stay clean, and not sweat.  They have pagodas where you can grill food, chill out, and relax.  These have shaded roofs with drop down walls to protect you from wind, sun, and rain, and little brooms to tidy up.  I’m loving it.

Some foreigners pay big bucks to join the gym.  I don’t get it.  I think I’ll check out the local yoga studio, but for working out I’ll take the city supported gym.

3 thoughts on “Korean gym equipment

  1. Jenni says:

    Loving the Korean outdoor gym! I am so sharing your pics with my kids today. So glad you are enjoying your time in SOKO! I’m working on the other Hibberd. Hoping he can find some time off to enjoy the fun:)

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