Welcome to our home!

Hey folks,

We left Minnesota a month ago today so to celebrate a month in SK we are posting a tour of our home.  We are settling in, it is quite comfortable and the neighborhood is a good fit.  Like nord-east Minneapolis, but without the Polish touches. We’ll post a video about our neighborhood one day, until then I’ll give you the gist. We live in the northwestern corner of “old Mokpo.”  We are surrounded by a port and shipyard, mountains, and small family markets.  Most vacant lots and open spaces are filled with agriculture.  Women grow canola, sweet peas, bell peppers, red lettuce, and unknown greens.  They then sell them on the sidewalk.   The sidewalks are covered with merchants who sell meat, seafood, produce, clothes, kim chi, plants and accessories right on the sidewalk.  We love this, because the prices are much better than the big markets.  Some of our friends live across town in “new Mokpo,” where are very few sidewalk markets.  The stores there sell mainly western imports (expensive) or knock-offs (still expensive.)  The general atmosphere of “new Mokpo” is more like Uptown.  It is okay for a couple of hours, then I want to come home.

This is the first video that we have edited.  I know it looks choppy, but we spent 3-4 hours fussing with it.  It might be time for film school.  I think it will give you a good idea of our home.  This seems to be a typical “couples” apartment.  Singles get a small efficiency apartment with no living room, and often have only a one burner stove.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the tour.  Please register with wordpress and subscribe to the blog so you can get notice of future posts sent to your inbox.  It is so nice to read your comments and see that you’ve been by.  It’s just another way to keep in touch.


waygook: foreigner

officetel: small, furnished apartments that are also used as business offices.  Many Koreans live in these small apartments.

11 thoughts on “Welcome to our home!

  1. ambuzzo says:

    You guys rock! I am so excited to get another tour of your officetel! It’s great. Thank you so much for keeping us up on your adventures… Take care, BUZZO

  2. Deb Patterson says:

    Great video & editing. You have done a great job of decorating. Thank you for the cherry tomatoes and spaghetti squash. I used the Home Depot cards that you gave me. Can’t wait for the next blog.

  3. Jenni says:

    Your place is very you:) I love the narration and the subtitle notes! Miss you guys!!! How’s the teaching been going? Mike-did the When is your birthday lesson go over well? Do the kids already have some background on Months/numbers? Looks like lots of fun. Can’t wait to visit!!!

  4. Here, as in China, months are just 1 month, 2 month, etc… They are familiar with the months but haven’t mastered it. Very similar to your Spanish students. Everyone can say a few stock phrases. The biggest objective was ordinal numbers: first, second, third… especaily the /th/ endings and that tricky twelfth.

    I am so excited! I just found an inline club that skates on an enclosed path. Now I need to find some skates. Maybe we could go skating…
    I also found an orphanage to volunteer at on Thursday nights. Oh, and we are going to a “Deadwood” themed mystery party on Saturday. I

  5. John says:

    That’s so weird! My fiance and I lived in that apartment and taught at Seohae and Mokpo Dong in 2009/2010. Take care of my chair, hahaha! Looks like it’s in good hands! I hope they fixed the leaky bathroom sink! Enjoy your time there!

    • Hey John,
      It’s a nice place. There are some great places in Yeon San. I think we tossed that chair a day later. It fell apart each time I sat down. The sofa had a big dent in the middle that made it a challenge to sit on too. We’ve replaced the furniture and fixed the plumbing. It’s pretty comfy now. Did you see the papered over the rose wall paper? There are so many layers of wall paper that Mike actually got a paper cut from it last week. It has risen up about a quarter inch off the door jam!
      They women in the market take good care of us and there is a new steak bbq on the block that is amazing. Hope you’re enjoying your new adventure.

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