Urban agriculture in our neighborhood

I am loving our daily life here in Mokpo, South Korea.  One of my favorite things is the agriculture all around us.  We live in the northwestern most corner of the city, and most people live in 15 story tall “officetels.”  In between the officetels, schools, and other buildings are small plot farms that grow a large variety of crops.  In addition, the “green space” surrounding the building, where there would normally be grass and decorative shrubs, has small gardens where families grow lettuce, peas, peppers, and other veggies.

Hey figgy figgy. I want to eat you.

On my walk to school I pass a lettuce field, onion garlic, and leek field, a fig orchard, more lettuce, corn, canola, tomatoes, peppers, millet, wheat, and a few other crops that I don’t recognize.  Many of the fields are mixed use.  For example:  In the fig orchard there is corn, lettuce, and squash.  Most of the work is done by older women using hand tools.  They carry sprayers on their backs and use a hand pump to spray the fields, I assume with pesticide and fertilizer.  I have seen men with scyths turning over old crops and burning them.  I’ve also seen them loading the bags of onions that the women filled onto trucks.

They are delicous

There is one family that grows black raspberries amongst their figs and I’ve been  sneaking a few at a time the last few days.

On some days it smells delicious, like fresh snap pea flowers.  On other days, well it smells like manure.

It makes the walk to work a little treacherous in pumps, but so beautiful.  I kinda wish there were chickens and goats to go with it all, but that’s just me.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek at our ‘hood.’  We love to read your comments, it lets us know your still in touch, so don’t be shy.  Also, I know it is expensive to send packages here, but we love letters with  pictures of our friends doing stuff, it makes us feel like your here.  We’ve gotten a few pictures and I’ll be putting up a photo wall soon in the house.  Please keep sending them.  Makes us feel “at home” having you around.


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3 thoughts on “Urban agriculture in our neighborhood

    • They will be ripe at the end of August! We are getting excited. Right now it is plum and peach season. The peaches are a different variety than we have. They are yellow/green and look unripe, but are pink and sweet under the skin. Like my childhood, peaches here need to be skinned. I love them.

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