A country on the move!

Abandoned house #1

South Korea is a country on the move.  When we arrived they were laying the foundation for a building on my walk to school.  3 months later they were holding church services in that location.  I wrote in an earlier post that I walk past two abandoned houses on my way to work each day.  They have since been razed and begun laying the foundation for something.

I thought I would it would be interesting for you to see what it is along with me, so every few weeks I’ll try to update it.   It will give you a glimpse into the same/different game that Mike and I play everyday.

It is an approximately 6 feet wide and 100 feet long L shaped foot print.  They dug down about 6 feet and layed a rebar frame that they have filled about 4 feet deep with concrete so far.  The concrete was left to set for a day.

You’ll see in the pictures that they stopped exactly where the neighbor woman’s garden begins.  I think that is awesome, but it leaves questions on what the permitting process is for gardening and for construction.  And notice that I am walking alongside the site.  There are no safety signs or fences. You’ll also notice that the construction workers are a bit older than back home.  In general, manual labor is done by  older people.  Our sidewalk was recently repaired by a group of 60+ year old women.

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