Birthday time

It is almost time for my B-day, and our 6 month mark here.  I’m a little homesick for the bonfire and barbeque we would be having at home.  There’s no good place around here to have a fire, so I think we’ll just go out for Korean BBQ with a few friends. I hope that we stay here for a bit, but I can’t wait for my next backyard birthday BBQ with ya’ll again.  (pout)

In the mean time, there is nothing that we would love more than a birthday postcard and or bday Skype call.

I am excited for the Halloween party we’ll be having in Mokpo.  It’s a fundraiser for the orphanage I volunteer at and should be a great time.  In addition to a thriller dance-off, and a costume contest, there will be a bake-sale.  I’m trying to find the ingredeients necessary for a cookie-bar extravaganza!   Marshmallows go for $10 a bag here, dashing my krispy bar dreams, but I’ll whip something up.    Halloween is not a Korean thing, but it seems the foreigners know how to do it up right.

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