Moving Day!

I’ve been geeked out by this since we moved here.  This is how our neighbors move.  

We live on the 9th floor, the neighbors lived on the 12th floor.  You’ll note that they load the object out the patio window onto the flatbed without any straps or devices to hold them down.  I also pan down so you can notice the lack of safety equipment and protocol that we are accustomed to in Minneapolis.  There isn’t anyone standing around supervising, there aren’t any orange cones.  There is one guy in the truck unloading the flatbed.  I have also seen movers ride up on the flatbed with the objects to keep them stable. The most amazing time was after the intense typhoon had blown out the windows on the 15th floor.

Replacing windows

The movers carried up the glass, floor to ceiling windows, on the truck and inserted the windows into the frames from a flatbed with little railings attached to 3 sides.  They were up there for hours.  It made my head spin.  The pounding was so intense my own building was shaking, yet they were floating up there without any visible safety equipment.

This is a preview of an entry we have been planning called “stuff that wouldn’t fly back home.”  I think we might hold off until after we have finished our first contract… I’m sure there is some spring stuff that will boggle us as well.

We now resume your regularly scheduled Japan vacation blogging.  Sorry for the interruption.

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