Here we go!

We just finished the Korea blog with a last entry on stuff we love and miss including a video of shopping at the markets in our old neighborhood.  Now we are moving to Turkey and are beginning a new blog for our time there. Mike will be writing and focusing on publishing and I will be teaching 3rd grade at BLIS in Bikent, Ankara.

Mike and I have been chilling out in Minnesota for almost 4 months. We have  been trying to soak up as much MN Charm as we can, and had a few adventurous side-trips along the way.  We had two great end caps on this trip.We spent an amazing week in Alaska with Jim, Mike’s dad, in May and we spent 4 days in the BWCA with Mike’s family in August. IMG_6917 In between Mike went to the Tin House writer’s workshop in Portland, OR, and I went to the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, IL. We went to Duluth 3 times including a week at the cabin with Ari & co, and  lots of catching up with friends. Oh, and I finished my Master’s and walked. Not bad. IMG_6520


Next Wednesday we leave for Turkey. It will be quite the adventure. What about the pets, you ask? Well, as some of you know, most of the airlines have a pet embargo from mid-May to mid- September due to excessive heat in the cargo area of the aircraft. But, the German airline Lufthansa air-conditions the cargo hold that Remi will travel in, so we will be renting an SUV and driving 8 hours to their nearest hub in Chicago, IL.  Then we’ll fly to Frankfurt, the pet transit center of the EU, for an 8 hour layover before flying on to Ankara.  Finally, we’ll have a 40 minute long drive to our new apartment. Easy-peasy.

We are psyched for the big move. I’ve been studying Turkish, reading Turkish literature, and studying a bit of Turkish history.  Turkish history is so deep and broad that the more I read the more aware of how little I know.We’ve also been eating Turkish food at the 2 Black Sea restaurant locations, one in St. Paul and the other in White Bear lake.

Believe it or not, the Turkish language is very similar to Korean and my studies of Korean have been helping me learn Turkish.  They are both in the Altaic language family, verbs go at the end of sentences, objects go at the front, and there are politeness markers. Unlike Korean or English, Turkish has post-positions not prepositions and infixation (to form the negative of the verb you insert mi/mu between the verb form and the verb ending. Example: Koşyormek=to run Koşyorum I am reading (um=present perfect 1st person) Koşmuyorum= I am not running.  Sigh.

Once we get settled in we’ll post a bit about our apartment, my school, and life in Ankara.

2 thoughts on “Here we go!

  1. Kat says:

    Interesting! Mu seems like an(안)…do they serve a similar function? Like Saranghaeyo (사랑해요) and saranganhaeyo (사랑안해요). ^^

    Have a safe trip!! Can’t wait to keep up with your new round of adventures!

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