T-A-D 2016

I am really excited for this upcoming Thing A Day. I have been participating in T-A-D since 2011. My first T-A-D was hosted by posterous, but that site has been disabled.  In 2012 and 2013 I participated on a great WordPress blog, but that person tired of managing the event. I totally understand. The last few years I have been sharing and celebrating on Google+. While the community is much smaller when we started, but it is still collaborative and fun.

I am really excited about this years Thing-A-Day. I have many ideas:

Hand sew this cute puppy doll

Complete a free-hand embroidery based on a photo I took of the spoon bridge

A free-hand embroidery based on this tree pattern

I am eager to update my jars with this design trick.

Finally make a hollow book.

Turn a ratty old sweater into cute mittens 

Join in, you have nothing to lose. If you only make something on one day, it is one more creative thing you did this year.

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