Mike and Akasha are a couple nice folks from the American Midwest who thought it would be fun to see another part of the world for a couple of years. Korea is a nice, exotic, stable country, and they need English teachers. Both of us know English, both of us have taught before (Akasha a bit more than Mike), so, hey. Here we go!

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  1. Mark says:

    I’m going to the Jeollanamdo orientation in Gwangju in August. I’m just wondering if you could tell me exactly where you boarded your animals…if you have any contact information.

    • Her exact information is on the card here. Shane and Chris can help you get there when you land. I just stopped by her place this week and as soon as she saw me she started asking about my dog by name. I’ll be at orientation, teaching a class on the 18th on elementary lesson planning, say hello.

      Let us know if you have any other questions. We understand how overwhelming it can be to plan for the trip.

  2. Kim says:

    I would love to get in touch with you! My husband and I had taught in Haenam (jeollanamdo) in 2009. We are thinking of returning–but now have 2 dogs (one of which was a rescue from Korea). Your experience seems to have been positivi and I would love to ask you some questions. Please email me if you can: kimnordman@hotmail.com

    • Will do, we just got another neighbor with a handsome dog for Remi to play with. There are 5 dogs with foreigners within a half mile of us, two were adopted here, but three came with…

  3. This is an awesomely encouraging post. I just spent a year in Gwangju and am looking to return to Korea with my 45lb dog. Is there any way you could shoot me an email so I can ask a few questions about the flight planning process? I’d REALLY appreciate it. Kanderson240@gmail.com

  4. anna says:


    I spoke to someone about bringing my dog here next year, and they mentioned that most apartments are not dog friendly. Our dog is around 50 pounds, so I am worried that it will be difficult bringing him over and finding a place that would let him stay. Your blog gave me a lot of hope, but do you know of any situations where the apartment was not dog friendly, and how the problem was solved?

    • Every situation is different. That being said, we don’t know of “any situations where the apartment was not dog friendly.”
      We know 5 foreigners in our neighborhood with dogs. We have several friends with 40 lb dogs. Everyone has had the occasional hassle of apartment living with dogs, but no one has had a serious problem that we know of. We knew one person with a dog who barked and urinated in the apartment during the day time. They were spoken to by the landlord, that is all.
      One friend has pet sat all 3 of our animals in her small studio apartment. She since adopted two dogs. The only problem that she’s had is a neighbor leaving a rescue dog on her doorstep. (She found it a good home)
      Good luck.

  5. Hello, my sister and I are moving to Jindo in August where she will teach at a local Hagwon, and I’ll be going to language school in Mokpo or Gwangju. (hopefully Mokpo) We have two dogs, a 50 lbs lab/boxer mix and a 6 lbs Chihuahua. Our issue is getting to Jindo from where we fly into. How did you guys get to Mokpo with your dog and cats? We were considering renting a car because we couldn’t see any better options. Will taxis allow them? I’ve heard public transportation will allow small dogs, but not larger ones. Any help is greatly appreciated. Your blog post about bringing your pets to Korea has been a huge help so far. Thanks so much.

    • Sorry for such a long answer, welcome to Jeollanamdo,
      Our pets were transported by our recruiter. Since then we bought a cheap car which makes getting around easy.
      Jindo is at least an hour long drive from the Muan or Gwangju airports. Maybe there is a closer airport, but I don’t know about it.
      We have taken Remi in a cab several times. Some cabbies say no, but most let him in. We tell the drivers that he is a kind dog “chakan geh” and he doesn’t bite “anmurio”
      A friend has taken her 20lb dog in his kennel on the KTX. The dog had to stay in the cargo/loading area but there is a jump seat you can sit in with him.
      The drive from the airport is about 5 hours down hwy 2. It would be pretty straight forward. and the signs to Mokpo and Jindo are bilingual. You’ll find far better map information using naver.com click on the maps tab (2nd green button on the left.)
      One last idea: The cities often have facebook groups, introduce yourself on the page of the town you’re going to and maybe someone will have a better idea. Also, there is a Gwangju-Jeolla Pet Sitters & Animal Lovers group.
      When are you planning on arriving?

      • My sister’s contract will begin in August, so it will probably be around the first of August or the end of July? She just heard back today that she for sure has the position, so all the other details will follow soon we hope.

        Thank you so much for the helpful information. I hadn’t thought about Facebook. I know Jindo is a very dog friendly place, being home to the Jindo dog, but I’ve heard mixed reviews about the rest of Korea so we’ve been really nervous about bringing our babies. Most things I’ve read say to just leave them at home and that seemed completely ridiculous to us. We’d never be able to just leave our puppies for a year or more.

      • We have many foreign friends in our neighborhood who have brought their dogs. Our primary dog sitters are those who left theirs at home and need puppy time. We’ll be gone by the time you get here, but have a great time and really enjoy it. Jeolla is our favorite place to be in Korea.

  6. Matt says:

    Hi Mike & Akasha,

    Are you involved with the summer marine science summer camp at the Mokpo Maritime University? I was selected as one of the instructors and have been reading as much as I can about the Mokpo blog. While searching for information, I found your blog.

    When I’m in town would you care to have dinner?

    I’ll be flying over June 14 for 5 weeks and have no idea what to expect so far. I’d

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