Our new home!

Oh my gosh, I am so psyched to introduce you to our new apartment. Just to contexualize it for you, we live in on campus faculty housing just south of my school.  There are 11 faculty apartments, 2 are family buildings (even bigger kitchens and living space) 9 are 2 bedroom 12-plexes.  Each floor gets bigger.  The bottom floor is a nice 2 bedroom, the second floor has a bigger floor plan and 2 small patios, and the 3rd floor has a bigger floor plan and 3 patios (We’re on the 3rd floor!)

We went shopping at Ikea and Bauhaus a million times to get the place set up and I hope we can paint around October, the white walls are too sterile and cold, but it already feels much homier than our Korean apartment.  Our director and his wife really encourage us to settle in, paint, update the furnishings & appliances (they match us on cost) and decorate.  We are given the impression that they want to build community.  It feels good. We also built a composter on the patio!

We have a great view of the desert that lies between our part of Ankara and the main city. We have walked the puppy there several times and had great adventures. When we left home for Korea we wanted a change from the prairie and were excited for the ocean and mountains of Mokpo.  We were pretty open to geography when we searched for our second school, but are really enjoying the high plains of Anakra.  There is a lot to explore in Turkey, The mountains and shores of the Black Sea, Capadocia, Konya, Izmir, and of course Istanbul.

Tomorrow is the first day of school.  It will be a l o n g day. I teach from 8-4 daily.  I pick my 3rd graders up at the bus at 8 and I drop them off at the bus at 4:05.  It is a very long teaching day.  Tomorrow we have an opening ceremony and begin to orientate the students to their new grade expectations. I hope that you enjoyed our home tour and that you can find time to come stay with us soon.