Flora & fauna

Remi gave us an edge up on exploring in Korea and again, he’s been helping us discover our neighborhood in Ankara.  We walk him at least twice a day and have taken big walks to new places every weekend we’ve been here.

Central Turkey is so different from the plains, deciduous forests, and coniferous forests of Minnesota and the coasts and mountains of Korea. I guess we’re calling it a high-plains grassland. It’s dry but with enough water to support a large variety of plants and fruits we’ve never seen before.

So, we’ve been taking pictures of the cool plants, flowers, and stuff in our new biome.  I am such a super dork that I decided to put together a little photo blog so that you could enjoy late summer in Ankara with us.  All photos were taken before the fall equinox.


Um, so… we didn’t post this and now it is winter. From our limited knowledge of Ankara weather; winter in Ankara has lots of hoarfrost.

We realize that we haven’t shared our address yet…

If you want to send us a post card, please send it to our home:


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Sorry, we are behind in our postcard and present sending.

We hear that packages get slowed down at customs, often. It is better to send via DHL or UPS. Just a heads up.

We don know that if you send USPS they will transfer custody to TPT.  TPT took 6 weeks to deliver a USPS 5 day shipping package to us and they ripped the package to shreds.